Tables and Planters

Our tables are built from reclaimed scaffold boards. Therefore each table is unique in character. The tables are suitable for indoor or outdoor duties. You can safely leave your table outdoors from April to October. We would recommend covering your table if you want to leave it out over winter. The tables require one or two top up coats per season of danish oil which takes about 5 minutes per sq. metre to apply. 

We fit 3 pin hairpin legs as standard to dining tables and 2 pin hairpins to other tables and benches. Other leg types and designs can be supplied.

As a guide to prices, our 1800mm x 640mm dining table (755mm high) is priced at £260 including delivery within the UK. A 450mm square side table (455mm high) is priced at £79 including delivery.

Please make your enquiries and request quotations via our contact page.

Table Collage.jpg

Our planters are built from treated timber. We line the inside with 250 micron polythene, which means the damp soil is kept away from the wood, allowing for a much longer life for the product. Drainage in the planter is easily adaptable. We supply planters ready to paint in your own choice of colour, or we can paint them for you in any Cuprinol shade. 

Prices: as a guide, a 400mm cubic planter is priced at £35 unpainted or £49 painted for you. Delivery is £10 for one, £15 a pair across the UK. 800mm wide trough planters are £65 each and some customers prefer these to be mounted on a set of castors for an extra £15. 

We can make any size for you, but there is a practical weight limit for most gardeners. These are heavy duty planters designed for a 10 year lifespan. 

Please make your enquiries and request quotations via our contact page.

Planter Collage.jpg